Current Issues

On September 15, 2016, Longwood University hosted a Farm to Table Advocacy Program where high school seniors could learn about how food is produced and how we will meet the future demands.  If you would like to hear this discussion the link below will take you to a YouTube video of the hour long program.
  Have a question about GMOs?  GMO Answers is a website that was created to make sure that anyone who has any questions about GMO can get their questions answered - you can visit them at the link below!
  We have pulled some infographics about GMOs to help answer your questions - click on each of the titles to view, save or download the PDF.


Have a question about where your beef comes from or the safety?  Facts About Beef and Ask Beef provide questions to all your Beef Questions!  Visit the links below.
  • Facts About Beef - based on concerns for safety, questions about where your beef comes from, etc.

The Washington Post has shared an article discussing the different types of food labels.  Click the link below to read more...
GMOs discussed by a doctor on Healthcare Triage - view the video by clicking the link below