Welcome to the Farm Credit Knowledge Center Recipes Page!  We are excited to be able to share some great recipes for many different occasions and tastes, and encourage you to comment and share! We're also pleased to be able to offer this free, editable recipe card for you to fill in and use with your own favorite recipes.


Chicken Stew with Mixed Veggies

Looking for a delicious, easy to make, yet healthy stew to throw together for your family?  This chicken stew with mixed veggies fits the bill nicely!
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Steaks with Herbed Butter

For a special occasion meal, its hard to go wrong with a well cooked steak.  Add a delicious herbed butter, and you've got a recipe for a great "night in" Valentine's dinner (or just a great night-in date night!).
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Pork Spareribs in the Crockpot

This time of year it's usually too cold to grill (at least in Virginia/West Virginia).  What if you could have some delicious barbecue ribs without having to fire up the grill (and stand in the cold?).  Enter the slow cooker...yes, even for dry rub ribs!
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