Steaks with Herbed Butter

Steak is a popular item in Rebecca's (our Communication and Event Specialist) house...her 5 year old adores it and will frequently eat more than the adults!  That may be in part because as beef cattle producers they have a great regular supply of beef...but you can also buy great steaks at the grocery store!  This recipe calls for ribeye steaks, but you can choose another type if you want, just try to be sure that they are about 1 inch thick, if they are thicker or thinner you will have to increase or decrease the cook time to accomodate.  When you are picking out steak in the store you want to look for one that has plenty of white flecks of fat in the steak.  That's called marbling, and it is what helps give the meat great flavor, as well as helping increase the tenderness.

While steak is wonderful fixed on the grill, you can still have a well prepared steak in the winter too using your stovetop and oven (or just oven).  We highly recommend bringing the steak to room temperate on the counter top first, this helps the meat to cook much more evenly.  While a cast iron skillet is great to fix a steak in, if you don't have one you can skip the searing and just broil (on high) the steak instead, using a baking sheet.  If you ask beef cattle producers and chefs, the majority of them will tell you that medium rare (warm, pink center) is the best temperature to cook a steak to..if you cook it to medium well or well done you are going to lose some of the tenderness and moisture in the meat.  The instructions are geared towards a medium rare steak, if you want your steak more or less done you will need to adjust the cooking times slightly.  Topped with the herbed butter, this is absolutely delicious!

Click on the image to download a PDF copy of the recipe...and enjoy!


Monday, February 12, 2018
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