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Welcome to the Educator Resources section of the Knowledge Center. As a networking agent, it is our goal to help share information about agriculture with a wide variety of audiences. We will be posting lesson plan ideas, teaching tools and other resources here to help formal and non-formal educators share the agricultural story with children, youth, and adults in a variety of ways!

We hope that you will take the time to visit this page for ideas – and to share some of your own! If you have a suggestion or variation on a posted idea or lesson we would love for you to share it so that we can all learn and expand our options! If you have a lesson you would like to share, please feel free to email the Knowledge Center team via the Contact Us option at the bottom of the screen with your idea and pictures!

We look forward to helping to share fun and unique ways to teach about agriculture!


The Knowledge Center Team


The Incredible Egg - Part II

There may still be a debate about if the chicken or the egg came first...but one thing is sure, eggs are a great source of nutrition!  In honor of National Egg Month...did you know all these facts?
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I'm All Ears

Corn can be found in many different products that we use...from food to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and industrials uses, it has an impact on many parts of our every day life.  This infographic shows some of corn's uses...
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Ahoy Soy!

Harvest is in full swing!  Did you know that soybeans can be found in livestock food, human food, building materials, textiles and much more??
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"The Fabric of Our Lives"

Cotton is a multipurpose crop...the majority is composed of seed which can be turned into oil, meal and hulls while the rest is fiber cotton.  Check out some of the things that can be made from one bale of cotton (480 lbs of cotton)...
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That's Nuts!

Mmmm....peanuts!  Peanut butter, peanut soup, peanut snacks; these tasty little legumes have all kinds of uses!  Check out this infographic with some fun facts about peanuts!
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