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That's Amoozing! Dairy and Milk Fun Facts

Ice cream, yogurt, milk, cheese...what is your favorite dairy product? Milk is an amazing food...did  you know it contains more essential nutrients for human health than any other single food? 

A good dairy cow can produce 10 times her body weight of milk in 305 days (dairy cattle are only milked about 305 days a year, the other 60 they are "dry" as the prepare to give birth to their calf).  That 10 times (or 10,000 lbs for a 1,000 lb cow), is equevelnt to about one ton of edible dry food in the form of highly digestible nutrients; or about 496 lbs of protein, 800 lbs of lactose (milk sugar), 500 lbs of butterfat, and 112 lbs of minerals each year. 

Milk can be used to make many different products - from whole, low fat, skim and even chocolate milk, to cultured products such as yogurt, buttermilk and sour cream, and other delicious foods like ice cream and cheese!

Check out some fun facts about dairy cows and milk....they're AMOOZING!!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017