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Anatomy Of A Good Buyers Letter for Show and Sales

There are a lot of things that go into a successful Show and Sale, with buyers letters being one.

Even in rural communities, many of the local people and businesses are not aware of all of the time, work and effort that 4-H and FFA members put in to their market projects.  The long hours spent feeding and caring for your animals and working with them to get them ready for the show and sale are something that many who are directly involved take for granted...but many of the people who may come to buy these animals are unaware.  Buyers letters are a great way to reach out to members of the community to not only invite them to your show and sale, but also share with them all of the hard work and effort you have been putting into your projects, and why coming to the sale and purchasing one or more of the animals there helps to support the local youth in many different ways.

But to be effective, your buyers letters need to be good.  So, what is a good buyers letter?  We have created a short video and a PDF that helps to outline some of the things that should be included in your buyers letter to make it effective.  We have also provided some other tips and ideas to help you be successful when writing (and visiting) your potential buyers. Feel free to print this PDF and use it and the video as you see fit (4-H Leaders and FFA Advisors are more than welcome to print and share with your youth). (click on the image of the PDF to download a printable version)

Tuesday, February 20, 2018