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July 2014

Everything But the Oink...

Yumm........Bacon! This is probably one of the first things that come to mind when people begin thinking about what comes from a pig - but the reality of it is that pigs are incredibly versatile animals!
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Everything But the Moo....

Steaks, hamburgers and pot roast...when most students start thinking about what comes from a cow, these probably come to mind fairly easily. Its probably fairly safe to say that most would also tell you that milk, and maybe even leather come from cows.
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Everything But the Baaa....

If a student were asked to name 3 products that come from sheep, the answer would probably be something like this: "Wool, lamb chops and leg of lamb"
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A Cow Is A Cow Is A Cow - Breeds of Livestock

Breeds of livestock can be both exciting and challenging to teach. A cow is a cow is a cow right?
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