Advanced Grazing School

Virginia Forage & Grassland Council’s 2018 Advanced Grazing School (limit 25 students).

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This intensive, one-day school is geared for producers who are backgrounding livestock or raising replacements on pasture, as well as pasture-based dairy and finishing operations. The school will teach participants how to create and meet realistic animal performance goals on a pasture-based diet. It will go into an in-depth look at performance-enhancing forage systems including: cool – and warm-season annual pasture, native warm-season pasture, alfalfa based systems, and improved cool-season perennial pasture. Participants will also learn about strategic supplementation of pasture using fiber-based byproducts, advanced plant physiology, and improved variety selection. Register today to take your grazing management to the next level!
The school will be led by instructors from Virginia Cooperative Extension and NRCS; as well as Dr. Mark McCann, Livestock Specialist with the University of Georgia.


    VA Forage & Grassland Council Advanced Grazing School
Where: Mauzy, VA
When: October 25, 8 am -5 pm
Cost: $50/person (includes lunch)

Questions? Contact:
Matt Booher, Virginia Cooperative Extension
		540-245-5750 (office)
540-325-7503 (cell)


Mauzy, VA

10/25/2018, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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