Farm Management Institutes

Farm Management Institutes (FMIs - formerly known as the Young Farmer Institutes) are day-long workshops which will include a FREE meal and countless networking opportunities and encompass the following topics:

  • Global and domestic economics
  • News and trends impacting the agricultural industry
  • Financial and business management tips and tricks
  • Business planning
  • Transition and estate planning
  • Communication and advocacy for agriculture
The Farm Management Institutes are offered in several different locations in the spring.

2017 Dates:
February 28, 2017 -Warrenton, VA
March 2, 2017 - Roanoke, VA
April 3, 2017 - Jacksons Mill, WV

Dairy Management Institute

The Dairy Management Institute (DMI) is a benchmarking program designed to help dairymen assess the strengths and weaknesses of their dairy operation.

  • Data output provides producers with individualized analysis of their business that can be used to identify weak links, make management decisions, seek financing, develop future plans for the business and more.
  • Participants can submit a financial statement and DHIA herd code for a more complete analysis of their dairy operation.
  • Respected speakers will discuss financial and herd management issues.
  • Producers panels will sharing their keys to success.
  • Group discussions will allow for valuable networking.
The DMI is offered in the spring.


2016 Dates:
March 30, 2017 - Rocky Mount
March 31, 2017 - Harrisonburg

Ag Biz Planner

The Ag Biz Planner Program is designed to help beginning or established farmers get their business off the ground or enhance the success of an existing operation. Participants work through online modules which discuss agriculture, market trends, management skills, and the end product of the program is a working business plan.

Ag Biz is offered annually beginning in early fall. You must have participated in a Farm Management Institute to be eligible.

Dairy Risk Management

The Dairy Risk Management workshops offer an opportunity for dairy producers to learn about different options available to help mitigate risks for dairy operations including price protection strategies as well as other options.

Availability based on demand.

Beef Risk Management

The Beef Risk Management workshops are three-hour workshops where industry experts discuss different risk management strategies including forward contracting, livestock risk protection, crop insurance, and more.

Availability based on demand.

One-Page Business Plan

The One-Page Business Plan workshops help both new and established farmers develop a business plan and strategy for their farm or business. Participants will leave the workshop with a basic business plan that can be developed and expanded to meet their business needs.

Availability based on demand.