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How do we make genetic improvements or modification to the food we produce?

So September is National DNA, Genomics and Stem Cell Education Month and I have a confession to make…I enjoy genetics.  Anyone else?  No?  Okay, let me qualify that statement a little bit.  I have no desire to look at the double helix structure of DNA all day, but the science of gene expression and gene interaction?  I find that fascinating and I am going to blame my love of this partially on growing up in agriculture.  Seem strange?  It shouldn’t.  Agriculture has been “studying” genes for thousands of years.
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So What Is A GMO?

GMO – this acronym has been in the news and on social media quite a bit; we’ve even posted about GMOs, specifically Vermont’s upcoming labeling law, on our blog.  But even with all the discussion on this topic a question remains in a lot of people’s minds of what a GMO truly is.
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