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Welcome to the Farm Credit Knowledge Center Blog!  This blog is a combination of posts from industry experts, Knowledge Center staff and guest contributors covering all aspects of agriculture and life in the country.  We want you to participate in this blog, sharing your thoughts and comments about the topics posted here.


Oh Those Resolutions....

So, we're officially more than 2 weeks into the New Year...and I have a question for you.  Were you one of those that made a New Year's resolution?  How is that going for you?  Resolutions can be tricky things, some times we set goals that are hard, or may even seem unsustainable long term.  If one of your New Years resolutions was to lose weight/be healthy (ier)...
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Farming Methods - What is No-Till?

There are so many different types of farming methods out there - which is wonderful for farmers, but can be a bit confusing for both farmers and consumers.  Throughout the year we will be sharing information on some of the different types of methods...starting with this post from The Farmer's Life about No-Till. 
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New Year, New Resolutions??

Welcome to 2017!  Are you one of those people who set resolutions for the New Year?  I have to be honest, I never really got into that…but I heard someone the other day to setting goals, not making resolutions.  Their reasoning?  Resolutions are just for you, and are easy to break, but goals are something bigger, and carry more weight and accountability.  I really liked that thought! 
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What Is A Factory Farm?

Fact:  Farming does not look the same as it did 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago.  Advancements in technologies, new understanding about soil and the environment, new crops and methods of production, and the changing demands of consumers have all contributed to the change.  The wonderful thing is, there is so much diversity in agriculture - in the size of the farms, in  what they produce, in how they market, and more...and it provides consumers with more options than ever.  What has not changed is that the majority of farms are still owned and operated by why are we hearing so much about "factory farming?"
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Cookies and Cows

I love to cook and bake.  Truly, I do.  And this time of year – cold weather, holidays, friends and family gathering together, just seems to call for it (my dishwasher may not appreciate it quite as much – fairly certain it is considering going on strike).  As I pulled the last tray of molasses cookies out of the oven last night (the soft, chewy kind – they are one of my favorites!), it made me think of all the wonderful food that we have been preparing or enjoying during all of the holiday festivities. 
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