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Welcome to the Farm Credit Knowledge Center Blog!  This blog is a combination of posts from industry experts, Knowledge Center staff and guest contributors covering all aspects of agriculture and life in the country.  We want you to participate in this blog, sharing your thoughts and comments about the topics posted here.


Beef Cows vs. Dairy Cows - Get the "skinny"

We had steaks last night for dinner (happens a lot in our house, when you raise beef cattle, beef in some form tends to be on the menu a lot!), at the very specific request of our five year old.  Said five year old is currently very much in to associating where different things come from, so it was not a total surprise when he asked where the beef he was eating comes from.  Knowing my child, I knew this was not a question of where the specific animal had originated, but rather a more general question of where beef comes from.  While we have had this conversation several times, he likes to reaffirm what he already knows.  Upon reminding him that beef comes from beef cows like the ones we raise, he promptly responds with “and milk comes from dairy cows!” 
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Agriculture and...Technology?

I have to admit, some days I love technology; it can make so many things much easier (ordering gifts, shopping, buying groceries, keeping in contact with friends and loved ones, the list goes on and on), but, there are also days when I loathe it (usually when I just want a few minutes to myself, have just updated my phone and now I don’t know where anything is, or to have a conversation with my husband that doesn’t involve him getting interrupted by Facebook or a text message every 2 minutes).  Am I the only one?
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Dairy Management Institute: Helping Dairymen Make the Best Decisions

Do you know if your dairy operation is profitable or not?  Do you know what it is costing you to produce a 100 lbs. of milk?  Are your costs in line with other dairies?  Do you know how the profitability of your dairy compares to averages and benchmarks for the dairy industry?  Are you struggling given today’s milk prices and wondering how to increase your margins?
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What's In My Food?

As consumers, we are becoming more and more aware of what is in our food, which has prompted more and more "research" and "reports" on what our food contains.  Which is great, or is it?  The information available can be overwhelming at times, and depending on who is giving the report, the presentation of the facts can vary, making things sound better or worse than they actually are. 
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Oh Those Resolutions....

So, we're officially more than 2 weeks into the New Year...and I have a question for you.  Were you one of those that made a New Year's resolution?  How is that going for you?  Resolutions can be tricky things, some times we set goals that are hard, or may even seem unsustainable long term.  If one of your New Years resolutions was to lose weight/be healthy (ier)...
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