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August 2014

What Goes Up Must Go...

We all know the story of Mr. Newton’s gravitational revelation while sitting under the apple tree.  We feel the effects of this law of nature every minute of every day.  It’s so obvious that we don’t have to think about it.  Anything that moves away from the ground, unless we build some sort of structure to hold it in place, will eventually land back on terra firma again, and usually with a “thud”.
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Just Another Fair?

I have been attending county and state fairs and other livestock shows my entire life.  My father began exhibiting cattle at the West Virginia State Fair in 1979 – and just attended his 35th West Virginia State Fair this past week.  I started as a spectator, until I showed my first heifer at the Virginia Beef Expo at the age of 5, and for the next 25 years attended so many different shows I have lost count.   Take the time to visit with many of the exhibitors at fairs and you will hear a similar story – they may have started coming as a 4-H or FFA exhibitor; but those youth found their passion in those livestock projects, made a life in agriculture and still show today.
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Expanding Acreage and Building Leaders

Believe it or not, all showmen are not born into the world of livestock. I am Matthew Ferrari, a 17 year old who has always had an interest in livestock. Until three years ago, my family and I had our roots planted in Oakton, Virginia on a quarter acre lot. The suburban neighborhood was like any average American street. There were family homes packed closely together with a few dogs and cats running around in the landscaped, small backyards. Livestock was completely out of the question; however, it did not damper my interest. Beginning with my family's secret flock of layers, we had began our interest in the raising and production of livestock. Soon the houses began go grow too close together for our own comfort and we decided it was time to say goodbye to Fairfax county and say hello to rural Western Loudoun. Collectively as a family, we all chose a 30 acre lot in Purcellville, Virginia. It had a nice house, a pond, and two gorgeous barns. I was excited to begin showing and soon enough I had a beef project steer. 

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A Helping Hand for Farmers

Sustainability and conservation are popular buzzwords in today’s culture, but for farmers these terms are not just warm and fuzzy ideals.  They are key components of operating a profitable and enduring business.
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