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August 2015

It Feels Like Fun, It Feels Like Fair - West Virginia!

The 91st Annual State Fair of West Virginia was held August 14-23 in Lewisburg, WV.  This fair always offers a variety of different opportunities for all types of people to enjoy, from great concerts, to building full of local crafts and crops, great little shops with different handmade items, and of course the agriculture! 
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“Why?”  I have heard this word a lot in the last couple of months.  Our three year old is in the middle of the “why” phase, and is asking why to everything.  Give him an answer to his why, and he immediately follows it up with another why related to the answer you just gave.  Currently, that combination of those three letters is one of my least favorite words in the entire English language.  However, hearing it constantly over the last couple of months has made me think…when did we lose that curiosity?  When did we start believing what we see on social media or online without question?  When did it become okay to take the opinion of someone who may not have any actual experience, or scientific results, as fact?
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We've Gotten a Facelift!

As we continue to try to provide the best possible services for our customers and others interested in agriculture, we have updated and expanded our website!  Take a moment to read about some of our new features, and be sure to browse the site to see for yourself!
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It's National S'mores Day!  Check out some interested facts about this campfire treat...and how it relates to agriculture.
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