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How will America's aging farmers transfer land to the next-generation?

New USDA report shows 93 million acres of all land in farms is expected to be transferred during 2015-2019
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How do we make genetic improvements or modification to the food we produce?

So September is National DNA, Genomics and Stem Cell Education Month and I have a confession to make…I enjoy genetics.  Anyone else?  No?  Okay, let me qualify that statement a little bit.  I have no desire to look at the double helix structure of DNA all day, but the science of gene expression and gene interaction?  I find that fascinating and I am going to blame my love of this partially on growing up in agriculture.  Seem strange?  It shouldn’t.  Agriculture has been “studying” genes for thousands of years.
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Healthy and Delicious - the struggle is real!

It’s hard to believe that we are more than halfway through the month of August already.  For those with kids, August is a month of transition – summer is wrapping up and school will begin soon (if it hasn’t already).  This means a change in schedule; if your children are involved in extra-curricular activities life is about to get hectic between practice schedules, games, concerts and every day events.  Even if your kids haven’t quite reached the stage where they have something (what feels like) every evening, the beginning of school probably means a return to more structured (and quite possibly earlier) bed times, and routines that now involved that “h” word that is dreaded by parents and kids alike – homework!
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Did You Know...Cow Style!

Have you ever played “Did You Know” with your friends?  Maybe it was just our family – but we would take turns sharing random facts to help pass the time when we were traveling, or at cattle show.  Its seems completely appropriate then as I sit here at the State Fair of West Virginia to give you some “Did You Know” facts…but this time they are not exactly random.
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Nutrition - Its Not Just for People!

“Nutrition” is a hot topic today – between labels, nutrition information and diets nutrition is always at the forefront of our minds.  But did you know that nutrition for livestock is just as important?  I had the opportunity to attend a conference held by Purina, an animal nutrition company, in July, and am very glad I was able to make the trip.  Most animal science majors have to take at least a basic nutrition class during their college career, and every cattle person has to have at least a basic knowledge of cattle nutrition to feed their livestock, so I have had at least some exposure to the topic.  However I will freely admit it has never been my favorite topic, and like most other fields of livestock production, the field of nutrition is ever changing and expanding.
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