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National Farmers Market Week

It’s National Farmers Market Week!  I have to admit, summer is not necessarily my favorite season – I’m a fan of the cooler temperatures and colors of fall – but one of my favorite things about summer has to be the abundance of farmers markets and fresh products.  Growing up we had a garden every year; fresh fruits and vegetables were a staple in the summer and a lot of time was spent canning so that we could enjoy the produce all year long.  The past couple of years we have not managed to get a garden planted, so being able to buy fresh produce from the farmers market has been wonderful. 

But farmers markets now are so much more than just fresh fruits and vegetables!  From fresh beef, lamb, pork to soaps, breads, honey, salsa and more, there are a ton of wonderful items that can be purchased at farmers markets.  Our boys love to take a trip to a farmers market – and getting them involved in picking out the fruits, vegetables and other products encourages them to try those items at home.  One of our local farmers market has a fruit stand that will offer samples of different fruits that are in season and available each week, and it is always a struggle to make sure that they only “sample” each item once! 

DSC_0746.JPG  DSC_0766.JPG
In addition to being a great source for fresh (and local) products, farmers markets are a wonderful way to be able to connect to local farmers in your area.  Most of these farmers love to visit with their customers and are more than willing to answer questions posed – anything from how long they have been in business, to why they chose to farm what and how they do, to the challenges and joys that they face in their job.


If you are already a regular at one or more of your local farmers markets, great!  If not, this is the perfect week to find one close to you and check out all the wonderful things that are available – and be sure to take a little bit of time to visit with those local producers while you do!
Monday, August 07, 2017
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