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February 2015

Organic 101: Organic Seeds Are Fundamental Right from the Start

This is the twenty-second installment of the Organic 101 series that explores different aspects of the USDA organic regulations.

The fall harvest is in, and organic farmers are already looking forward to planting their spring seedlings.  Organic farmers rely on organic seeds to meet the growing demand for certified organic products. These seeds are essential to the integrity of the supply chain for quality organic food, feed and other products.  All organic producers must use organic seeds, annual seedlings and planting stock unless organic varieties are not commercially available.

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The Wisest Pursuit

Happy President’s Day!  This country has been fortunate to have some truly outstanding individuals who have served at the highest levels of our government.  The foundation provided by our founding fathers (and subsequently many of the first Presidents) has helped to shape our nation into what it is today. 

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Black History Month - From an Ag Perspective!

Agriculture has played a huge role in this country from the beginning – and in honor of Black History Month we wanted to highlight the important role that African Americans have played in this industry.


1619 has been cited as the beginning of African involvement in agriculture in the “New World” when 20 slaves were brought to Jamestown and sold to white settlers and colonists to work in the fields.  This trend would continue for more than 100 years, and it is safe to say that agriculture in the United States would not be the same without the involvement of these early slaves. 

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Ugh, Do We Have to Talk About Record Keeping Systems?

No one that I know (other than some accountants) actually likes to keep records.  Even fewer people actually like to file, sort, and organize records.  I mean, why isn’t a shoebox good enough?!   A shoebox is a decent start, but your record system should allow you to access the information that you need in a timely and accurate manner, in the form that you need.  The information in your records can be a GREAT help to you in making management decisions and analyzing your operation.
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