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10 Things to Love about Farm Life (and Rural Living)

Welcome to February!  With Valentine's Day right around the corner (if you had forgotten, consider this your reminder that you may want to pick up a present for that special someone in your life...) we wanted to share some of the things that we "love" about farm life and rural living.  Enjoy!

10.          A little slower pace of life.  Don’t get us wrong, things can still be hectic in a rural setting, but as a general rule, the pace is a little slower.  For most people living in rural areas, a traffic jam generally involves livestock or farm equipment rather than massive amounts of cars!


9.            Priorities are a little different.  Picture this:  you’ve just gotten off work and picked up the kids, when your husband calls to say a bull got out and he needs some help getting him back in.  P.S. you’re still in your work clothes (and shoes) and it’s been raining for days.  What do you do?  Park the car to help act as a fence and walk into a muddy pen to close a gate so the bull goes where he is supposed to.  Do you shoes look very dressy when you’re done?  Nope, but you do what you need to do to take care of the animals in your care…shoes can be replaced. 


8.            A playground right out the back door.  Yes, there are local parks with actual playground equipment…but there are also fields and hay bales, mud puddles and lots of grass to run around in right outside the back (or front) door!

10-Things-Mud-Puddles-Pics.jpg   10-Things-Water-Play.jpg

7.            Babies!  So many babies!  No matter what kind of day you are having, it is automatically a little bit brighter when you get to watch babies…sleeping or playing they bring a smile to your face!

10-Things-Babies.jpg   10-Things-Baby-Cow.jpg

6.            Entertainment often involves animals.  We love museums, movie theaters, and zoos as much as everyone else, but often our “local” entertainment is centered more around what’s around us...which much of the time involved animals!


5.            The views.  There is nothing quite like some of the views you find in a rural setting.

10-Things-Views.jpg  10-Things-The-Views.jpg

4.            The life experiences that your kids get to experience.  While more urban areas hold their own appeal and experiences, the experiences that kids get growing up on a farm can’t be discounted.  Compassion, responsibility, hard work, taking care of those who need help…they all help to build strong, caring, leaders.

10-Things-Caring.jpg   10-Things-Cleaning.jpg

3.            The toys.  Yes, for little and big kids.  All that farm equipment…a (little or big) boy’s dream!


2.            The faces.  Cows, horses, sheep, goats, pigs…animals have so much personality!

10-Things-Faces-2.jpg   10-Things-Faces.jpg

1.            The connection to our food.  Rural living, and especially farm living offers a unique connection to our food and where it comes from.  We are, or live near, people whose job it is to grow the food and fiber that we use in everyday life.  It is a somewhat unique perspective in a time when less than 2% of the population is directly involved in agriculture…and we are always more than willing to share our experiences and perspectives to anyone who is interested.  We love our way of life, and being able to share it!


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Monday, February 05, 2018
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