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Helping Producers Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness

How do I get the most out of my pastures?  How many animals can I successfully graze?  How long should I leave them in a pasture?  How close to the ground should I/can I graze without damaging the grass?  How long should I wait before putting animals back on the pasture?  What is overgrazing and how does it affect my production?  How do I efficiently graze the pasture I have?

Knee-Deep-Notebook.jpg  Tom-Stanley-Presentation.jpg
Participants in our 2nd Annual Knee Deep Grazing and Pasture Management Workshop series had the opportunity to hear the answers to these questions and many more last week during an intensive three evenings.  This workshop series, which was held in partnership with Virginia Cooperative Extension, Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Virginia Forage and Grasslands Council, offered the opportunity to hear from experts in pasture and grazing management on a variety of topics related to efficient and effective utilization of their pastures. Each night was filled with information, and also included an opportunity to look at some pasture and grazing management tools and resources first hand.  Participants received a binder full of resources and reference materials, and were able to engage and ask questions along the way.  The last night also included a chance for participants to work on their own individual grazing management plans with an expert, and hear from Tom Stanley on the economics of grazing management. 

 Matt-Booher-Presenting-on-Second-Night.jpg Pasture-Managment-Tools-and-Resources.jpg

The Farm Credit Knowledge Center is pleased to be able to partner with great organizations like these to offer workshops that help producers become more effective and efficient and utilize their available resources to the best of their ability.  If you know of a need in your area please feel free to reach out to us!
Monday, February 26, 2018
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