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Word of the Year - Activate

We’re wrapping up the “Word of the Year”…and our list of 4 this week:
We’ve covered Advocate, Educate, and Resonate
Now for Activate.  We advocate for agriculture, and help others do the same.  We provide educational opportunities for agriculture producers and for those who want to learn more about agriculture.  We strive to create content that resonates with the agriculture community and with all consumers.  And we hope that while we do all of that, we help to
  • activate a passion for agriculture in others
  • help those involved in agriculture to “activate” their own plans, dreams and goals
  • activate a desire to learn more about how our food is produced in consumers
Because we don’t just talk about agriculture, we live it.  Our entire Knowledge Center team is actively involved in agriculture in some way, shape, or form. 
The passion for agriculture that we hope to activate in you?  We have it too. 
The dreams and goals we hope to activate for other producers?  We’re chasing those too. 
That desire to know more about all aspects of agriculture so we better understand where our food and fiber comes from?  Well, we have a pretty awesome job because as we help to share information with you, we get to learn more too…which just “activates” our desire to help support and promote agriculture even more! 
As we move forward into 2019, we hope that the tools, resources, educational opportunities and content that we create as we help to advocate, educate and resonate in the agriculture community and beyond helps to activate you as well! 
Have you participated in a Knowledge Center event or seen any of our educational resources?  What has “activated” you to share about agriculture, learn about agriculture, or do something new and different in your operation?  Do you have any ideas or suggestions for resources for 2019?
We hope you’ll continue to activate your passion for agriculture and all that it does and use our tools and resources to help activate others!  We’re excited for some great new programs and resources that we’ll be rolling out throughout the year…so stay tuned!

Monday, January 28, 2019
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