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Agriculture and Baseball

Who loves baseball??  As one of “America’s Favorite Pastimes” baseball continues to be a popular sport, and we’re right in the middle of baseball season!   But did you know that without agriculture, you couldn’t have baseball?
Yes, you read that right.  Agriculture has a HUGE impact on baseball!  From the glove to the ball, the bat, uniform, home plate and more, you can find many different agriculture products!  For example:
  • Balls and gloves from cows and sheep (12 gloves or 144 baseballs from cows to be exact! And 450 feet of wool inside each ball)
  • Baseball bats from wood
  • Baseball uniforms from cotton
  • Home plates from rubber trees
  • Grass on fields from turf
  • And don’t forget the peanuts, popcorn and hotdogs!Pork and beef, wheat, tomatoes, onions, and more…all from ag!
 Feel free to download and share this infographic - just click on the picture for a PDF!


If baseball is one of your favorite pastimes, look around the next time you’re at the game...and take in all the ways that agriculture helps your favorite sport swinging! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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