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June 2015

Farmers Markets as Important Outlets for Organic Sales....

From USDA Blog - originally posted June 5, 2015

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Mmmm, Milk!



If you could consume something every day that was loaded with 9 essential nutrients, protein and calcium all while being relatively low in fat and linked to helping to maintain a healthy weight, would you?


I'd like to think that most people would answer yes!  (Assuming of course that you do not have a health reason that would prevent you from consuming it)

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Honoring Our Farmer Veterans

Farm Credit is dedicated to helping all those involved in agriculture to succeed.  We are proud to be able to help all farmers, and especially excited to be able to support young, beginning and small farmers, and our veteran farmers as well.  The Homegrown by Heroes program, which was launched a year ago by the Farmer Veteran Coalition with Farm Credit's support, has been a success in helping to label and promote agricultural products made by U.S. Veterans from all branches of the military.  To continue that success, Farm Credit hosted an event on Capitol Hill on June 2nd to honor these producers and celebrate the program.

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Making Connections!

Are you a customer looking to find fresh local food?  Are you a farmer or rancher looking to sell your product?  How about a restaurant trying to source local food?  There is some exciting news for all of you...Virginia MarketMaker launches tomorrow, June 9th!  MarketMaker is an online marketplace that connects producers, buyers and consumers with local goods and services.

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The Flu - Bird Style

By now many people are aware that avian influenza (AI) is impacting flocks of birds across the Mid-West.  Several strains of the virus are currently causing concern, with one particular strain, H5N2, being highly pathogenic.  In fact, this is the largest outbreak of AI in U.S. history.  But what does this mean for us as consumers and for those who raise poultry?

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