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March 2016

Price Protection for Livestock

As a part of an ongoing effort to provide information and resources to producers, Farm Credit of the Virginias held two workshops on Livestock Risk Protection on March 22nd and 23rd in Abingdon and Wytheville, VA.  These workshops were geared towards providing information on different risk management strategies, specifically on Livestock Risk Protection (LRP).
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The Cost of a Label

If you’re like me, your social media feeds have been filled with a lot of GMO articles the last couple of weeks as the battle over GMO labeling continues.  July 1st marks the start of the Vermont GMO labeling, and with the failure of the US Senate to pass a bill that would preempt Vermont’s labeling law, several companies have already announced their plans to begin labeling all of their products
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A Most Important Factor...

March is Women’s History Month.  Women have played a leading role in agriculture in America from the start…in a 1919 article published in the Missouri Ruralist Laura Ingalls Wilder states “The farmer’s wife must know her own business, which includes the greatest variety of trades and occupations ever combined…Think of them: cook, baker, seamstress, laundrywoman, nurse, chambermaid…She is a poultry keeper, an expert in dairy work, a specialist in canning, preserving and pickling – and besides all else, she must be the mother of the family and a smiling hostess.” 
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What's In a Name: Nutrition

Nutrition.  The Oxford Dictionary defines nutrition most simply as “the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth”.  For the general public, defining nutrition can be a little more tricky.
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