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Thank You For Your Sacrifice

Memorial Day…it’s the unofficial start of summer for many; a three day weekend that provides the chance for a family getaway, gathering, picnic or party.  All across America friends and family will gather to grill out, visit and enjoy the day.
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Hamburger Please!

In addition to being National Beef Month and National Egg Month, May is also National Hamburger Month…busy month!  Hamburgers tend to be pretty popular around our house, largely because if I forget to set something out for dinner (which happens more than I would like to admit),
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It Takes All Types

By 2050, the world population is expected to reach approximately 9.6 billion people (according to an estimate by the U.N.).  Given that today’s population is estimated at 7.4 billion people, that is a fairly significant increase over the next 34 years.  That number has some significant implications in many different ways, not the least of which is how we will feed that many people.
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So What Is A GMO?

GMO – this acronym has been in the news and on social media quite a bit; we’ve even posted about GMOs, specifically Vermont’s upcoming labeling law, on our blog.  But even with all the discussion on this topic a question remains in a lot of people’s minds of what a GMO truly is.
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  • Beef production is the largest single segment of American agriculture and
  • It produces less than 3% of the total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Beef increases the amount of land that can be used for food production, because cattle can be grazed on land that is unsuitable for other types of agriculture
  • 97% of beef cattle ranches in the US are family farms (as of 2007)
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