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Show Me The Beef!

May is Beef Month…which causes a happy dance in our house.  We eat quite a bit of beef in our house all year long, from steaks to burgers, roasts and just about everything in between! 
Nation-wide there are approximately 727,906 beef farms and ranches.  Of these 91% are family owned or individually operated and 11%  are operated by women! ( Beef Industry Statistics)  There are approximately 1480 cattle and calf operations in Virginia, and 390 in West Virginia ( Directions Statistics).  The average cow herd size is 40 head of cattle, and many beef producers also work off the farm. 
Beef can easily be incorporated into a health conscious diet.  A 3 oz. serving of lean beef provides 25 grams of protein, and is also a great source of many other key nutrients including iron, zinc, vitamin B12, selenium, niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, choline and riboflavin!


And delicious nutritious beef is just the beginning of what comes from beef cattle!  There are many products that use parts of a beef cow…so much that you might say we use everything but the moo!

Be sure to enjoy some beef this month (and every month!) and give a huge thanks to all the beef producers who help provide delicious food as well as a variety of products!  Happy Beef Month!

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Monday, May 07, 2018
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