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4 Trends Influencing America's Ag Future

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There is no doubt that farming is changing at a rapid pace.  Innovations in technology, and the change in consumer demands, continue to reshape the way that agriculture operates, and it will continue to do so.  A recent new study looked at the changing trends in agriculture from a generational perspective for those who are looking to step in to take over the family farm...and Amanda Radke with shares some of these findings.

"....No matter which segment of the beef industry chain you’re a part of, tradition dictates some of the things we do, and modernization has shaped how my generation and future ones will do business.

Despite the opportunities to continue these traditions and pursue careers in production agriculture, there are challenges that are shaping the agriculture industry and influencing the next generation who may be considering taking over the farm or ranch.

According to a new study released from Osborn Barr titled, “Farmers of Tomorrow: Generation Z’s Future in Agriculture," there is a generatonal shift underway.

In a press release about the study, Osborn Barr says, “The initial qualitative research results indicate the gap in attitudes, perceptions and intentions between ‘Gen Z’ (18-to 22-years-olds with an immediate family member farming) and ‘BoomXY’ (Baby Boomer, Generation X and Millennial farmers age 28 to 74).

The results of the study identified four major factors shaping the future of agriculture, including:...

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Monday, November 20, 2017
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