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Farm Fun Facts!

Going to be sitting down to play games with the family this holiday season?  Or maybe looking for some conversation starters when you have to go to the in-laws?  We’ve put together some facts about agriculture to help you out!
  1. 97% of farms in the U.S. are owned by families (Source: USDA 2012 Ag Census)
    • 88% of farms are “small farms” making less than $350,000 gross in farm income
    • 9% of farms are medium and large farms owned by families
    • These family farms may be LLCs or another type of Corporation – but they are still family farms!
  2. Farm technology is growing at an incredible pace – GPS technology, biotechnology, precision agriculture, genomics, and many other tools help farmers to be more productive and efficient, doing more with less.
  3. Farm income has decreased an estimated 50% in the last four years, the largest drop since the Great Depression. (Source:USDA ERS)
  4. The average U.S. Farm produces enough food and fiber for 165 people. (Source:American Farm Bureau)
  5. 69% of U.S. farms operate with a profit margin of less than 10%. (Source USDA ERS)
  6. Farmers and ranchers receive about 17 cents of every food dollar spent (Source:USDA)
    • For this year’s typical Thanksgiving meal, that number drops to 11 cents of every dollar, according to the National Farmers Union Farmer’s Share publication.
  7. Farmers have many different options for how they produce food and fiber on their farms – those include organic, conventional, no-till, grass-fed, grain-fed, irrigation, crop rotation, cover crops and many others – which can be used in many different combinations!
  8. In 2017, more than 90 million acres of land were used to produce 15+ billion bushels of corn in the US. (Source:USDA NASS)
  9. 1 acres of land can produce 2,784 lbs. of wheat, 821 lbs. of cotton, or 30,000 lbs. of pumpkins. (Source:USDA ERS)
  10. Cattle and calves, corn and dairy products are the top 3 U.S. farm products. (Source:American Farm Bureau)

Interested in more farm fun facts?  The House Agriculture Committee will be sharing #farmbillfacts on their Facebook page each Tuesday – be sure to check them out (some of the facts above were shared in the Farm Bill Facts!)!
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Monday, November 27, 2017
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