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A New Season

With the arrival of cooler temperatures and shorter days, it may seem like things should be slowing down on farms in the area.  However, just the opposite is true.  The fall months can be some of the busiest for some farmers – while hay season is now a thing of the past, there is still plenty happening on farms.

Fall calving cow herds begin to calve in August and September, and depending on the calving window can continue into October and even November.  Corn and other silage crops are dry enough to chop and pack for feed for livestock through the winter, and corn and soybeans that will be harvested for grain will soon be dry enough to combine.  Once these crops have been removed from the fields, many farmers will plant a winter cover crop to help reduce soil erosion, and increase the fertility of the soil. These cover crops can also be used as winter forage for livestock, or even to harvest in late winter or early spring. 

In addition to taking care of livestock and harvesting crops, farmers are preparing for winter, checking to make sure that hay is stored properly, waterers are functioning correctly, fences are sound, and more.  This is also the time of year when equipment will be brought in and given a thorough check to make sure that everything is in good working order, so that it is ready to go again in the spring. 
While it still seems far off for many, farmers are also planning for the coming year.  They will starting planning and budgeting for what crops will be planted where and may order and prepay for seed and fertilizer they will need next year.  Even as this year’s crop comes off the field and they are marketing it, they are looking ahead to next year. 

As everyone enjoys the cooler days and begins to look forward to winter and the holiday season, farmers continue to work hard each and every day to provide safe, nutritious, and affordable food for everyone. 
Monday, October 02, 2017
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