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Halftime Report!

Memory test time!  Who remembers our post in September announcing the start of a new Ag Biz Planner Class?  (If you need some help, you can find it here.)  This year’s class has been busy since our Kick-Off at the end of August, and has officially arrived at the halfway point for this year’s program. 
Each of our four operations and businesses showcase some of the incredible diversity that we are fortunate to have in Virginia and West Virginia and include beef operations, poultry operations, sheep, goats, specialty crops, vegetables and agri-tourism ventures.  Participants have been working through the 10 online modules taught by Dr. Dave Kohl, professor emeritus of Virginia Tech and the Dean of Farm Credit University.  Loan officers and program mentors have also made farm visits to several of these operations already to walk through their operation and listen to their ideas and vision for the future of their operations and businesses, and will continue to do so over the next month.  This combination of online, self-paced learning and hands on mentorship has been a large part of what has made the Ag Biz Planner Program so successful and unique.

Along with the modules, each of our participants have been hard at work on their operation’s business plan.  Business plans are tremendously important - successful agricultural operations typically have a business plan to help them define their goals, show where they are financially, identify challenges and opportunities in upcoming seasons, and establish alternate plans as needed. By having this road map, these operations and businesses are able to successfully navigate any stumbling blocks and prepare for the future.
We are incredibly excited to see how these operations and businesses progress throughout the rest of the program.  Without a doubt the future of agriculture is bright with participants like these who are taking the necessary steps to ensure their family farm operations are sustainable, reliable and successful for themselves and for the future generations. 
Want to learn more about the individual operations participating in this year’s program?  Be sure to follow our Facebook page ( to see highlights of each of these operations coming soon!  And if this sounds like something you think would benefit your farm operation, please feel free to reach out to our new Program Specialist Sarah Scyphers to be added to a mailing list; we send out application packets in May and June of each year!
Monday, October 29, 2018
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