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September 2015

Why - Locust Hill Farm

We're continuing our "Why" series this month with a post from Locust Hill Farm in Middleburg, VA.  We asked their manager Mike why they do what they do, and this is what he said!
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BONUS: So About Those Chicks....

Wondering how those baby chicks from Monday's post are doing?  Here's a follow up as they expand their home!
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My Daily Journal: New Baby Chicks!

As we continue to celebrate National Chicken Month, a local poultry farmer from Amelia County, VA has generously shared an excerpt from her daily journal:

Monday August 31, 2015: Baby Chick Day

It has been a little over 3 weeks since we sold chicks.  We have spent that time airing out the buildings and floors, cleaning feeders and waters, dusting lights and heaters and then setting up.  There is plenty to do but not as stressful as when we have chicks.  I like 2 weeks between flocks, it gives us some down time, but those empty buildings do not make any money.
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Feeding the Community

September has been designated by Feeding America as Hunger Action Month.  To honor and celebrate this, the Fauquier Education Farm has shared how they are helping to feed their local community!

The Fauquier Education Farm is a private non-profit located just east of Warrenton, Va. We grow a large variety of fresh vegetables and try to use every opportunity to educate the public on how to best maximize their efforts in their gardens and be good stewards of the land while doing it. Our audience ranges from the backyard gardener, new and beginning farmers, and more experienced farmers who want to stay on the leading edge of agriculture. We have numerous demonstrations, an extensive free workshop series, and most importantly offer direct hands-on learning through our volunteer opportunities.


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Poultry Showcase at the Rockingham County Fair

September is National Chicken Month!  In honor of this, we will have a couple of different articles this month focused on the poultry industry, which is the largest agriculural industry in Virginia and also plays a strong role in West Virginia.  This week's post is written by Virginia Poultry Federation President Hobey Bauhan and share some great information on the poultry industry and steps that have been taken to highlight this enterprise in Virginia.
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