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Its State Fair Time!

The State Fair of Virginia starts this coming Friday!  For many 4-H and FFA kids, this is the culmination of their work all year – to show their projects at the State Fair.  This could be produce they’ve grown, food they’ve made, photographs they’ve taken, arts or crafts they’ve created, or livestock they have raised and worked with.


Each of these projects showcases the skills and talents that these youth have developed over the year.  Cooking, sewing, crafting, growing, harvesting, handling livestock and more – all of these are skills that will have a positive impact later in life.  These 4-H and FFA students are learning how to measure, follow directions, use tools like knives (cooking), cameras (photography), saws, hammers, screwdrivers, and sanders (woodworking), various gardening tools, and also how to handle livestock, many of which weigh more than the student.  They are learning problem solving, responsibility, hard work and more.


For some of these kids, working with livestock, woodworking equipment, gardening tools or kitchen equipment is nothing new – they have grown up around these items and have been taught how to be careful and responsible.  They know of the inherent dangers in what they are doing and the potential risks, but they have also been taught how to minimize risks.  They have learned proper techniques from adults who have carefully supervised.  For others, this may be a new experience, something they have never done before but took an interest in and decided to try it.  Often this means that their parents are learning alongside them, with help from someone who has experience in the project that the student has undertaken.  Either way, these 4-H and FFA projects give these youth an opportunity to learn and develop valuable skills that will benefit them later in life.


If you can, make plans to visit the State Fair of Virginia this year from September 29-October 8, and be sure to check out all the wonderful projects that these youth have worked so hard on this year.  You’ll be amazed by the talent and the passion that you see!
Monday, September 25, 2017
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