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Agriculture and Football

Fall is officially here...and that means football!!  Football may arguably be the most popular sport in the United States – from high school to college to the NFL, almost everyone watches at least some football from September to February.  But did you know that America’s favorite game depends on agriculture?
That’s right!  You can find agriculture in so many different parts of football.
  • Footballs themselves are made of leather from cow hides, and the NFL alone uses 11, 520 footballs during regular season games, which is 576 cow hides!
  • Tickets from paper (forestry!) and soy ink
  • Grass on fields from turf
  • And the food!!! Chicken wings, chips, dips (guacamole anyone?), pizza, turkey legs and more…all from ag!
If you would like to download and share this graphic just click on the picture to open up a PDF!
No matter what team you cheer for, don’t forget a big hooray for football at every game! 

P.S. If baseball is more your game, we have an infographic for that can find it here.
Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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