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    Grazing Manager Position Available

    Dragonfly Farms, Louisa, Virginia



    Dragonfly Farms

    3230 Ellisville Dr.

    Louisa, VA 23093



    Dragonfly Farms grazes cattle and sheep using regenerative practices producing and direct marketing grassfed beef and lamb. We have been in business since 2007 and have recently bought a new farm that needs a lot of work. We are grazing 160-200 head of cattle, 30 ewes and 45 lambs. We have been leasing 400 acres of pasture and will consolidate farmland as we get our new farm going. We also have a horse boarding business. Katherine is an equine veterinarian.


    Position Open- Grazing Manager and Farm Assistant


    Timeframe- position open now and working through December. Long term employment is a possibility.


    General Job Description- Move cattle and sheep herds often, sometimes twice a day, sometimes every other day, using a MIG style grazing plan. Observe cattle, and assist with calving or any health problems. Manage and maintain pastures and fences. Clear fences when necessary. After those duties are done, help with farm construction (building fences, installing water lines, etc.)


    Skills that will be used (and taught as needed)- observing livestock and pastures, setting up temporary fencing, tagging calves, mowing and weedeating, building fences


    Requirements- good attitude, willingness to learn, strength to pick up 50lbs., must be able to work alone some


    Compensation- pay to be determined based on quality of work, housing is a possibility, great food to eat

    Please email a resume or a description of your experience and your availability.


    For more information, please contact:

    Bruce Johnson
    Dragonfly Farms [dragonflyfarms.com]