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10 Tips For How To Work From Home

From our Team to Yours!  10 Tips for How to Work from Home

If you are reading this you are, probably like us and many others, working from home. Under the current situation, our home environments have become our new office settings.   Over the past few weeks many people have been establishing new routines in a different space.  What is now your new working environment is not, by any means, a new environment for you. You now work where you live.

Over the course of the last few weeks, our team has shared with one another tips that help us be successful through the transition.  We now want to share those same tips with you!  We have developed a list of our Top Ten Tips for How to Work from Home.  We hope you find these tips helpful in your continued success!  

Top 10 Tips for How to Work from Home

Tip #1:  Set a time to get outside.  It is easy to get caught up in conference or video calls, phone calls and emails while working from home and being “plugged in”.  BUT, fresh air and sunshine can prevent burn out while increasing productivity for when you get back inside.

Tip #2:  Mark your calendar for education once a day.  Do something that will enhance your knowledge and skill set. It is vitally important to be a “lifelong learner” even while working remotely.

Tip #3:  Put your shoes on.  Even if you are wearing gym shorts, leggings or jeans – put on a pair of shoes (preferably not slippers). The true beauty behind this tip is that the shoes don’t even have to match your outfit!

Tip #4:  Ladies- One day a week, at least, put on a little make-up, earrings, and fix your hair. Guys- shave, put on cologne and fix your hair as if you were to go out! You don’t have to be going anywhere just get ready for the day.

Tip #5:  Develop a schedule or routine, especially if you have kids at home. This will help keep everyone on track for their work day and allow for uninterrupted free time in the afternoons and evenings with family!

Tip #6:  Develop your daily work task list.  This is best done the night before.  Before you end work for the day, make sure to develop a list of tasks you need to complete the next day.  When you do this, you free your mind from having to actively remember what you need to get done.

Tip #7:  Mirror your workspace, and make it comfortable.  It can be tempting to work from the couch, but you may be more focused and comfortable at a desk or table.  Set up your home desk or table to resemble the one you have at work.  Do you have a lamp, plant, or pile of sticky notes at your workspace?  If so, try to replicate the same at home.

Tip #8:  Create an idea board.  Continue to be creative!  Do you have new ideas pop into mind?  Write them down and share them with your team.  An idea board will keep you focused on the future, can be uplifting and inspiring.

Tip #9:  Mark the end of your day.  It can be tempting to continue to work well past the time you normally would have left the office.  Mark the time when you plan to shut it all down, and stick to your plan.  If your home office is in a separate room, shut the door at the end of the day.  It will help to you feel that you “left” work.

Tip #10:  Get dressed every morning. Change out of the PJs and into different clothes!  The feeling of being dressed for the day will help your mindset and will get you into work mode.  Being dressed for the work day may also come across in your voice, focus on tasks, and feelings of success.

Transitioning to our work-at-home environments has given us the opportunity to think outside the box, to connect with one another on a different level, and to continue to be creative, task-oriented and successful!  We hope these tips will help you with your continued success in your work-from-home assignment.

Good Luck! 


The Knowledge Center Team (Kyley, Sarah, and Marie)
Thursday, April 09, 2020
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