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Be Kinder than Necessary

It’s World Kindness Day.  The well-known quote “Be kinder that necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle” may come to mind as you think about what kindness means.  I could not begin to tell you where I first heard this saying, but it has stuck with me for years…there is so much truth in it.  No matter what an outward appearance may show – everyone is fighting some kind of battle, even if you cannot see it.
  • The mom in the grocery store who just wants to buy safe, nutritious food for her family (that they will, hopefully, actually eat!), and is trying to juggle what the different labels mean, with the nutrition and ingredients, and the cost – this is a daily struggle for families.
  • The farmer who lost a calf (or a cow) that he tried his hardest to save, spending countless hours doing everything he knew how to do to help; that loss goes beyond financial for many farmers, it is an emotional loss as well.
  • The cotton farmer in Texas who lost his entire crop, both what he had already harvested and what was still in the field when the hurricane came through; that loss will be felt by the farm, and the family, for several years.
  • The plant biologist working long hours to help develop a new plant hybrid that will help farmers more efficiently produce food that will help feed people all over the world, even though people criticize the science or the method behind her work, struggles with knowing that people disapprove of her work, even though it can have a positive impact on many different lives.

The list goes on and on, everyone is struggling with something.  So in honor of World Kindness Day we’d like to say:
  • To that mom (or dad!) in the grocery store – you are doing a great job, because you are feeding your family.
  • To that farmer who lost an animal, you are doing a good job caring for your animals and your farm, even though sometimes it is a difficult job.
  • To the cotton farmer in Texas, our hearts go out to you as you deal with this loss – farming is often a challenging job, many times for reasons that you cannot control, but we appreciate your willingness to weather the hard times to help produce the food and fiber that people around the world depend on.
  • To the plant biologist, thank you for working tirelessly to continue to look for ways to improve crops to help provide safe, affordable, nutritious food for everyone.
We teach kids that sometimes it is better to be kind than to be right.  It is never the wrong time to try to look past the outward appearance and try to see the struggle within, and in doing so, be kinder than necessary, even if it isn’t easy.
Monday, November 13, 2017
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